Media Training 05/12/22 – 14:00


Shaping, editing and sizing your messaging for the right audience at the right time is key. Without clear messaging, your communications can lack resonance, retention and miss the mark in terms of a call to action.

You’ll learn how to plan and prepare your messaging and learn practical tips on how to be a good interviewee. Laura will advise you on how to stay on message, how to turn a tough interview into a positive one, and how to ensure your message lands.

We will digitally record you and provide immediate feedback. Training is offered on a one to one basis via zoom.

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Media Training Includes

  • Messaging prioritization around a mock campaign. What you want to say, how you want to say it and what you want people to remember.
  • Practical interview techniques for in-studio, in person and telephone interviews.
  • Simulated interviews with hard hitting questions.
  • Provision of an interview preparation pack which includes practical tips for success and an interview checklist so you can confidently prepare ahead of each opportunity.
  • Etch also offers pre interview warm up and debrief around your first interview post training.
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